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Complex Peptide Eyelash Serum

The Peptide Powerhouse

Why have you introduced a new peptide-based Eyelash Serum?

As leaders in the Eyelash Growth Serum category, we want to make sure we’re catering to all customers in helping achieve longer and fuller-looking lashes. Our original Eyelash Serum was our first innovation, our Sensitive Eyelash Serum caters to thos

Why should I use the UKLASH Complex Peptide Eyelash Serum?

Our Complex Peptide Eyelash Serum is the first of its kind - offering a record-breaking six peptides in its innovative formula. It’s best suited to those looking for longer, healthier and more nourished lashes.

When should I expect to see results?

This will depend on what point your lashes are in their cycle when you start to use the product. Some see longer lashes in as little as 25 days, but 12 weeks is when you should expect to see full results. Read more about lash cycles here.

Should I switch from the original Eyelash Serum to the Complex Peptide Eyelash Serum?

If you have already achieved longer and fuller lashes using our original Eyelash Serum, switching to our innovative Complex Peptide formula can be good as it focuses heavily on nourishing and maintaining length, resulting in healthier and fuller-look

What ingredients drive its effectiveness?

It is packed with 99% naturally derived and 22% organic ingredients including Pea Peptides, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Hexapeptide-8 (Acetyl Hexapeptide-8) and Copper Tripeptide-1 amongst many more - all of which combine to moisturise

Are the results permanent?

In the same way that when you start to use the serum, it takes your lashes time to adjust and lengthen depending on where they are in their growth cycle, they also take time to wind down once you stop using it, meaning you may still see longer lashes

Why is it more expensive than the original and Sensitive Eyelash Serums?

We always want to be clear and transparent with our customers and, in this case, peptides are pricey! At a slightly higher price point, we are able to create an exclusive, industry-first serum that combines the most innovative and effective ingredien

Is the Complex Peptide Serum more powerful than the original Serum?

Both can help you achieve long and healthy lash growth; our original Eyelash Serum is packed with active ingredients that work to achieve fast results, whilst our Complex Peptide Serum is built with an industry-leading combination of carefully consid