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UKLASH OMG! Hair Vitamins

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How do I use UKLASH OMG! Hair Vitamins?

Chew 2 gummy vitamins per day. Chew thoroughly before swallowing. Do not exceed the recommended dose, for adults only.UKLASH OMG! Hair Vitamins work best when taken for a minimum of 3 months. The best results are usually seen after 6 months. Results

Are your UKLASH OMG! Hair Vitamins vegan?

Yes, our UKLASH OMG! Hair Vitamin are 100% vegan as well as Gelatin Free, Gluten Free & Lactose/Dairy Free

How does your UKLASH OMG! Hair Vitamins work?

Our UKLASH OMG! Hair Vitamins nourishes your hair from within, improving overall health elasticity, increasing hair strength & stopping hair breakage. They do so by using essential vitamins like Biotin (5000 µg), Zinc and Folic Acid, Vitamin A, C, D,