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You can now purchase regular products more easily than ever before. Find out more!


Can I add a discount to my subscription?

Please be aware that as our subscriptions and bundles are discounted automatically, a discount code cannot be used.

Can I start a subscription on bundles.

As subscription orders are already discounted by 12%, discount codes cannot be applied to these orders.

How does subscription work?

Subscription is currently only available for UK-based customers.With a subscription, you never need to be worried that you'll run out of UKLASH and you pay 12% less!. You just need to choose when and how often you would want us to deliver UKLASH to y

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription at any time on our website’s account portal or by getting in touch with us via the contact button below with the email address and full name you used to sign up with.Changes to your account will take place from the ti

How do I change the subscription frequency?

To change the frequency, simply contact us using the contact button below and our team will happily assist you.