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UKLASH Eyelash Serum

Discover How Our UKLASH Eyelash Serum Can Help You Reach Your Lash Goals!

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UKBROW Eyebrow Serum

Get Your Questions Answered About Our UKBROW Eyebrow Serum Today.

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UKLASH OMG! Hair Vitamins

Get Your Questions Answered About Our UKLASH OMG! Hair Vitamins here!

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UKLASH Hair Growth Serum

Get Your Questions Answered About Our UKLASH Hair Growth Serum here!

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UKLASH Volume Boost Mascara

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UKLASH Hair Care

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UKLASH Lengthening Mascara

How to use the UKLASH Lengthening Mascara that is designed to instantly lengthen, curl and add definition to your lashes.

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UKBROW Brow Trio

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Can UKLASH products be used on coloured or bleached hair?

The UKLASH, UKBROW and UKLASH Hair Growth Serum can be used on bleached and coloured hair

Are your products unisex?

All our hair growth serums are gender-neutral.

Where is UKLASH products made?

We work with trusted manufacturers across the world, primarily in Europe and Asia.