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I'm experiencing a technical issue!

We are sorry to hear that you have encountered a technical issue. Our team is here to help you get back up and running as quickly as possible. To do this, we ask that you please contact us via the contact button below with as much detail as you can p

Do I need to set up an account to place an order?

No, but by setting up an account, you will have access to order information or manage your subscription. You will also be added to our email list for exclusive discounts and offers.If you have set up a guest account and need help activating this for

I can't log in to my account?

If you have forgotten your password click on 'forgot password?' to reset it on the login page If the site does not recognise your email address it means that you do not have an account with us. You do not automat

Can you help with a UKLASH product brought through another retailer?

While we enjoy conversing with our customers and assisting them in taking full advantage of our products, for any return requests, please contact the original retailer.

I want to remove my data - GDPR

We understand the importance of GDPR and the right to request your data. We are committed to responding to all requests within 31 days as per ICO guidelines. If you would like to make a data request, please fill out the contact button below and we wi