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How long does a bottle of UKLASH last? Does it have an expiry date?Updated a year ago

We've made UKLASH affordable. One bottle lasts approximately 3 months if used once a day as instructed. One dip is sufficient for both lash lines.

Please make sure not to use too much of the product when you are applying a stroke. In fact, dab off any excess serum on the tube opening before applying it as it should only be a very thin layer of serum on top of your lashes.

Once opened UKLASH will last 6 months as shown by the period-after-opening symbol or PAO symbol on UKLASH and UKLASH (the little tub-and-lid symbol that has a 6M printed inside.)
If you are using the product on maintenance mode you can expect the product to last around 5-6 months, and unopened will last 1.5 to 2 years

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