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How long does a bottle of UKLASH last?Updated 6 months ago

We've made UKLASH an affordable option, with one bottle lasting approximately 3 months when used once a day as directed. A single dip is adequate for both lash lines.

To maximize the product's effectiveness, please be cautious not to use excessive amounts during application. Before applying, it's recommended to dab off any excess serum from the tube opening, ensuring a very thin layer of serum is applied on top of your lashes.

Once opened, UKLASH remains effective for 6 months, as indicated by the period-after-opening symbol (PAO symbol) featured on the packaging and 1.5 - 2 years from the MFG date this can also be seen on the packaging. For those using the product in maintenance mode, expect it to last around 5-6 months.

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