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How do I use UKLASH Volume Boost Mascara?Updated a year ago

Apply the mascara from the base of the tip of the eyelashes - place the curve of the brush under the eyelashes and pass it to the ends of the eyelashes with light zigzag movements to evenly cover the eyelashes with the mascara and separate them

Then, turn the curve of the brush upwards. 

Lightly pressing, pass it from the base of the eyelashes to the ends and hold it this way for several seconds to fix the curve. 

Pass the bush over the eyelashes to lift them and to "open" the eyes visually.

It can be used both in one and two layers. Apply the next layer after the previous one is dried.

UKLASH Volume Boost Mascara may be removed with warm water, make-up remover or soap and warm water

Precautions: Patch testing is recommended prior to use. If any mascara gets into your eyes, rinse your eyes with plenty of water. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

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