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How do I use the UKHAIR mask?Updated a month ago

The UKHAIR Mask is a quick and luxurious treatment designed to nourish, strengthen, and enhance the overall health of your hair. Formulated for all hair types, this creamy mask provides a fast track to longer, stronger, and healthier locks.

Usage Instructions:

After cleansing your hair, remove excess water.

Apply a generous amount of the UKLASH hair mask, ensuring even distribution throughout your hair.

Allow the mask to sit for 2 - 5 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly.

Key Features:

Creamy formula deeply conditions for soft, shiny locks, nourished from root to tip.

Avocado oil repairs and strengthens locks while preventing breakages.

Amino acids improve the structure of the hair shaft, making it easier to manage and preventing split ends.

Suitable for all hair types.

Silicone-free, Free of SLS, pH balanced.

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