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Can I use UKLASH serum if I have sensitive skin?Updated 6 months ago

Although we have many customers with sensitive skin who love our UKLASH serum and have also achieved amazing results, we recently launched our sensitive UKLASH serum designed specifically for easily irritated skin. 

This new formula contains nourishing peptides, protein, extracts and other active ingredients, it gently promotes the stimulation of lash follicle cells, helping against lash loss and promoting thicker, fuller and stronger-looking lashes.

For both the original and sensitive versions of our serum, we recommend conducting a patch test before incorporating the serum into your routine. Apply a small amount to a designated area, such as the corner of your forehead, behind your ear, or the side of your neck.

Ensure that there are no other products on your skin during this testing phase to accurately assess the suitability of our product for you. Allow approximately 24 hours to observe any potential skin sensitivity.

UKLASH Eyelash Serum

UKLASH Sensitive Eyelash Serum

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