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Can I use UKLASH on my eyebrows?Updated 6 months ago

The main distinction between the two products lies in the size of the brow serum brush, which is intentionally thicker to facilitate better application for the brows. 

The UKLASH Eyelash Serum, designed for precise application with a thin line above the lash line, features a thinner lash brush. It's crucial to avoid interchangeably using the brow serum applicator on lashes or the lash serum brush on eyebrows, as this may lead to over-application or under-application, affecting the desired results.

For hygiene reasons and to prevent contamination, we recommend keeping the products separate. Brows typically attract more dirt, and using the same brush for both brows and lashes increases the risk of allergic reactions due to the sensitive nature of the lash line.

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