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UKLASH Brow Pencil

What is UKLASH Brow Pencil?

UKLASH Brow Pencil is a long-lasting, pigmented pencil with an ultra-fine tip, which allows you to draw defined hair strokes. Cream-based formula for smooth application, in 3 buildable shades. The dual-ended pencil, allows you to use the brush to gen

Need help, picking the right shade for UKLASH Brow Pencil?

Selecting the perfect shade of UKLASH brow pencil involves considering both your natural eyebrow colour and the intensity you desire. To achieve a natural look, choose a shade that matches or is slightly darker than your brows. Alternatively, for a l

How long does a UKLASH Brow Pencil typically last?

The lifespan of a UKLASH Brow Pencil may differ based on usage, frequency and the amount of product applied with each use. Typically, with regular use, it can last for several months on average.

Is UKLASH Brow Pencil smudge-proof and long-lasting?

At UKLASH, we take pride in offering a range of brow products that are specifically designed to be smudge-proof and long-lasting. Our pencils are carefully formulated to provide you with a reliable and lasting brow product.

How do I remove the UKLASH Brow Pencil?

The UKLASH Brow Pencil is easy to remove with our UKLASH Lash & Brow Wash. Gently wipe away the product from your brows using a cotton pad or cloth saturated with the UKLASH Lash & Brow Wash.

Can I use UKLASH Brow Pencil if I have sparse brows?

Yes, UKLASH Brow Pencil is an excellent choice for individuals with sparse brows, Its precise tip allows you to fill in gaps and create the illusion of fuller brows. Draw short strokes in the direction of the natural hair growth with the ultra-fine p