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UKHAIR OMG! Hair Vitamins

How do the UKHAIR OMG! Hair Vitamins work?

Our UKHAIR OMG! Hair Vitamins nourish your hair from within, improving overall health elasticity, increasing hair strength & stopping hair breakage. They do so by using essential vitamins like Biotin (5000 µg), Zinc and Folic Acid, and Vitamin A, C,

Are your UKHAIR OMG! Hair Vitamins vegan?

Yes, our UKHAIR OMG! Hair Vitamin are 100% vegan as well as Gelatin Free, Gluten Free & Lactose/Dairy Free

How do I use UKHAIR OMG! Hair Vitamins?

Chew 2 gummy vitamins per day. Chew thoroughly before swallowing. Do not exceed the recommended dose, for adults only.UKHAIR OMG! Hair Vitamins work best when taken for a minimum of 3 months. The best results are usually seen after 6 months. Results