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UKHAIR Growth Serum

How do I apply the UKHAIR growth serum?

1. Apply 1-2 pipettes directly to a clean (does not need to be washed), dry scalp and massage thoroughly. Do not wash hair or scalp after application. For best results, use once per day. For targeted use, apply 1-4 drops depending on the size of the

Can I use the UKHAIR growth serum on coloured hair?

Yes - our serum doesn’t contain any nasties that will impact the colour of your hair. In fact, it is full of nourishing and conditioning ingredients, such as AnaGain™ (Pea Sprout Extract), that can help coloured hair, which can often be dry and vulne

Are the results permanent?

In the same way that when you start to use the serum, it takes your hair time to adjust depending on where it is in its growth cycle, it also takes time to wind down once you stop using it, meaning you may still see the effects for around 12 to 18 we

How long does the hair serum take to work?

We recommend waiting around 12 to 18 weeks before expecting to see results from any hair growth serum. The growth cycle for scalp hair works slightly slower than that of eyelashes and eyebrows so the key is to be patient and consistent, giving your s

Do hair growth serums work?

Hair Growth Serums aim to stimulate hair growth at the root by supplying a range of active ingredients to the scalp and invigorating hair follicles, reducing hair loss and resulting in a thicker and fuller head of hair. To learn more about how hair g